Are You Overlooking One of Your GREATEST ASSETS??

Many individuals work hard to keep their business thriving, their relationships in good standings, and their circumstances happy.

These are all great things to behold, but what if you didn’t have to work so HARD achieving them?

Here’s a little-known secret: Individuals who are well trained in this certain area don’t!

What might that area be?

To give you a clue, almost every individual has been gifted it from birth.

It shows up in your appearance, your body of work, as well as your thought process.

Many people actually search for authenticity within it their whole life.

The answer?



Not what you were thinking?!

Voice shows up for every individual in different ways depending on experiences, perceptions adopted, and sounds that were mimicked from birth.  It has the ability to cut like a knife and heal the wounded soul.

Voice is a magical instrument that people play on daily, yet not many have ever been shown how to properly play it, let alone practice it on purpose!

There’s an old saying that states “practice makes perfect”.

But what if we have been practicing our voice instrument wrong…..for YEARS?

The outcome most definitely will NOT be perfect then.

I have also heard the saying that “practice makes progress”.

Again, there are 2 ways to progress.  Moving toward your goals or away from them.

If you are progressively moving away from your goals day by day because of practicing incorrectly, well, that keeps you working HARDER than you need.

Remember this instead, “Practice makes PERMANENT”.

YOU are an expert!

To become an expert in the field of something, it is said one must practice it 10,000 hours.

It is safe to say that you and I are both experts, multiple times over, in the field of voice.

However, are you an expert at permanently making success in business harder to achieve, having regular miscommunication mishaps occur, or just plain and simple, your circumstances that are less than ideal keep showing up?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have something that you can begin to do immediately which will change these less than ideal situations, utilizing the thing you are already an expert at, your voice.

First, one must understand that their voice is a gift for OTHERS…. it’s not for you.

The sound vibrations that are created from inner voice (thoughts and ideas) are just as powerful as the spoken word and others DO feel that from your presence.

In fact, science has repeatedly shown that in less than 10 seconds from meeting someone, they have already made judgements based on how you sound.  We call this a “first impression”.

Within that short amount of time they have determined if they’d like to do business with you, be in a future relationship (friends or maybe more), or just desire to hear what you have further to say.

As soon as the vibrations are created within you, they are sent to OTHERS.

All you need do is listen to the “feedback” of how others respond to know if the vibrations you just sent are working for you or against you.

Why wouldn’t they just work for us altogether?

Remember, chances are that we have adopted bad speaking and sound habits early on.  The sound vibrations we are sending out probably do not match the message we intend to send.

Our intentions are good, but we don’t know how to play our instrument without it sounding screechy to others ears.  It’s merely a lack of proper practice… hmmmm.

Have you ever had a miscommunication occur (ahem) between yourself and someone else and truly neither of you knew how it began?

Almost 99% of the root cause is the vibration that was sent…. It “feels” off to one party and thus causes disharmony.  How we translate the message is “your tone of voice is really getting on my nerves” or “there’s something not right about this person”.  You then create reasoning and evidence on why you should avoid certain people and even make up reasons why you just don’t mesh.

In reality, our sound vibrations are out of sync with each other.

How many missed opportunities have we had!!??

Learning how to match the sound you are sending with the message intended will make you stand out.  You will be golden!

So, what is a universal sound that most people enjoy hearing and happen to gravitate toward?  HAPPINESS!!

What exactly does “happy” sound like?

There is melody in the voice, meaning the sound goes high and low while having an upbeat tempo to how fast you are speaking.  The ends of the sentences also end on a higher note.  Happiness is excitement and those sounds are higher on the scale.  Think of a child’s laughter or squeal from being tickled.

Now imagine Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh.  He has a voice that is lower on the register and falls off at the ends of his sentences.  Also, the duration of his speech is slower.  This sound blend comes off as a very sad and depressed one.  People tend to not want to stay around these types of sounds as it unconsciously pulls them down, and yet I hear it so often in others.

People truly feel the shift and how it affects them. These messages are sent consciously and subconsciously.  Might as well do it purposefully by practicing your messages.

Successful people do not stay around long entertaining these depressing types of sounds.  They choose energetic sounds which naturally pull them in.  Voices that have harmony and happiness infused.

You can begin to practice infusing happiness right now with your own name and introduction.

When you introduce yourself do you slow your speed down, holding out the duration of the words, or drop off at the ending syllables of your name?

This sends the message that you are apologizing for who you are.  Depressing!

Practice using your greatest asset to your advantage and within the first 10 seconds you have succeeded in showcasing the best of who you are!

Put enthusiasm behind your sound when introducing yourself, use melody to sound interesting, and on the last syllable of your name, end on a higher note.  Be careful not to slide up to the last note having it sound like you question who you are, but rather sound firm in your knowing.

You will make a lasting first impression by using your voice to your advantage.  It is one of your greatest assets and most powerful communication tool.  Practice it until happiness becomes permanent.  In those first 10 seconds, you will have others desiring to know more about you.  Relationships will improve, business will improve, and circumstances begin to improve as you send out more happiness vibes.  After all, you get what you give!


And remember…. practice makes permanent!



Your Vocal Influencing Coach

Krystin Wahl





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